Trai Cartwright is a Denver-based filmmaker and teacher, community-builder, creative business consultant, and storyteller. She is also a PTSD survivor, psychic medium, and story chaneller.

There has never been a time in her life when she wasn’t fully immersed in stories and the people who tell them. There has never been a time when she wasn’t using her “special skills” to assist people in reaching their potential.

From NYU to Chicago to LA and back to Colorado, Trai has followed the call, diving deep into the exploration and development of every kind of storytelling: feature films, documentaries, short films, plays, web series, TV shows, and fiction and nonfiction of every kind.

Whether as a studio level development executive or as a professor at Colorado’s top writing programs, her greatest pleasure after writing is in the development of writers.

Trai has spent her entire professional life dedicated to elevating the craft and creating opportunities for filmmakers and writers of all mediums and genres. Creators are the single most important force in forging understanding and an illuminated pathway through this world.

To see Trai’s List of work: http://craftwrite.com/films/

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Trai Cartwright’s www.craftwrite.com is one-stop service shop for writers:

Writing (Original, Adaptations, & Polishes)
Story Development
Editorial Services
Copy Editing
Marketing and Business Plans
Career Consultation
Year round classes and workshops

“Trai is easily one of the best analysts I’ve worked with. Her notes are consistently thorough, insightful and, most of all, ‘helpful’. She knows her stuff and communicates it well. Her notes have helped me improve every script I’ve had her read.”

Trai’s newest endeavor embraces her psychic medium skills. Curious about how your past lives are impacting your current life? Feel the need for an energy healing? Want to unblock any obstacles in the way of your creative life?  Book time with Trai!

“Trai did a past life reading for me that was enlightening, inspiring, and fun! Her demeanor is calm and supportive, and her warm, confident manner soothed the anxiety I was feeling at doing something like this for the first time. … I learned so much about myself and my journey in this life by reviewing my past lives with Trai. I’m looking forward to doing it again! Highly recommended if you are curious about past lives, especially if you’re new to exploring this arena—Trai is amazing!”

Chris M.

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