Creating the Tools and Opportunities for Successful Writers

Trai Cartwright is Colorado’s premiere story developer.

Trained in Hollywood at the studio level, at one of the nation’s best MFA programs, and as a professor at Colorado’s top colleges and film schools, there is no one who can story break like her.

Her mission is to advance the success of all writers via teaching craft and hosting events that connect storytellers to opportunities.

As a writer for hire, she ghostwrites in any and every genre, as well as adapts books and ideas for screen.



Trai Cartwright’s one-stop service shop for writers:

Story Development
Editorial Services
Copy Editing
Marketing and Business Plans
Career Consultation

“Trai is easily one of the best analysts I’ve worked with. Her notes are consistently thorough, insightful and, most of all, ‘helpful’. She knows her stuff and communicates it well. Her notes have helped me improve every script I’ve had her read.”