Creating the Tools and Opportunities for Successful Writers

Trai Cartwright is Colorado's premiere story developer.

Trained in Hollywood at the studio level, at one of the nation's best MFA programs, and as a professor at Colorado's top colleges and film schools, there is no one who can story break like her.

Her mission is to advance the success of all writers via teaching craft and hosting events that connect storytellers to opportunities.

As a writer for hire, she ghostwrites in any and every genre, as well as adapts books and ideas for screen.


Trai Cartwright's one-stop service shop for writers:

Story Development
Editorial Services
Copy Editing
Marketing and Business Plans
Career Consultation

"Trai is easily one of the best analysts I've worked with. Her notes are consistently thorough, insightful and, most of all, ‘helpful’. She knows her stuff and communicates it well. Her notes have helped me improve every script I've had her read.”


We are a coalition of professional media-makers dedicated to advising and elevating the developing Colorado independent media-making community by sharing our knowledge of and experiences making successful films, TV shows, and web series.

CoSFIC offers classes to burgeoning media-makers who want to learn how to design a production that will attract talent, financing, distribution, and audiences.

We also offer events for arts supporters who want to learn what makes for a viable media investment and how to be a smart participant in one of Colorado's most exciting and fastest growing industries.


* One Day
* 20 Agents
* Multiple Genres (Fiction AND Non-Fiction)
* 240 Video Chat Pitch Opportunities to Pitch Your Book
* Perfect Your Pitch online class
* 80% manuscript request rate in 2016!

Saturday February 25, 2017


Connecting Media-Makers and Writers!
The Colorado Script Exchange is a free service dedicated to connecting the writing and media-making community of Colorado and beyond. This key word searchable database invites writers to post loglines and details of their films, TV shows, web series and books ready for adaptation, and then producers, directors, and other media-makers can search for just the right story to make.

Writers -- Post today!
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Explorati Teen Writers Boot Camp is ideal for serious teen writers looking for serious support for the work they do. We know how important writing is to them, and we put our focus exclusively on whatever they are writing. They'll even workshop pages from their books or short stories, getting invaluable peer as well as professional feedback. Better still, Explorati Teens is highly social -- we build tribes!

Join us Summer of 2017 for:

Middle School Fiction
High School Fiction

Trai Cartwright, MFA, has over 25 years experience as an entertainment industry veteran and writing specialist.

During her 15 years in Hollywood, she was a studio level development executive and consulted on thousands of screenplays for HBO, Fox, Paramount, Universal, and New Line. She produced three indie movies, and is currently producing her first Colorado-based indie. As a writer, she has optioned her own screenplays to Academy- and Emmy-award winning producers. In addition, she was assistant director of Leonardo DiCaprio's online ventures, the Hollywood liaison for a massively multi-player online role-playing game company, and made really bad cell phone content for 20th Century Fox.

Now in her native Colorado, she teaches fiction, screen, TV, and web series writing at Colorado Film School , UNC, and Craftwrite, and works one-on-one with novelists and screenwriters across the nation. She teaches extensively for writer and film organizations, and maintains a calendar that is filled with free and low-cost classes.

To see Trai's resume, click here.

Recently Trai was tapped to write screenplays by two local production companies, and was the ghost-writer for an Amazon best-selling business book. She is available for hire.

To contact Trai directly, email her at


Screenwriter, 2017

Screenwriter, 2017

Stadium Anthems
Associate Producer, 2016

Uncredited Producer, 2000

Uncredited Producer, 2006

Associate Producer, 2006


Secret Ellington
Art Thomas, producer
Top 10% of Nicholl Fellowship

Curious Ways
Whisper Down the Lane

Semifinalist of Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship, Scriptapalooza, and the ScriptShark Competition.
"Quarterfinalist of the Screenwriters Expo
Represented by Preferred Artists

Burning Sky

Peter Saphier, producer
Represented by CAA
Semi-Finalist of Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship

Agatha Dominik, producer
Represented by CAA

Little Man Travels
Prelude Pitctures
Represented by CAA

To view available projects by Trai Cartwright, go to


Lucky Diaz, in progress
Demon Ex-Wives Club
, in progress


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To reach Trai directly, email her at

Creating the Tools and Opportunities for Successful Writers