Trai Cartwright is a Denver-based filmmaker and teacher.

She is obsessed with storytelling. There has never been a time in her life when she wasn’t fully immersed in stories. Just ask her 4th Grade teacher, who constantly caught her at her desk, writing books when she should have been finishing a math assignment.

From NYU to Chicago to LA and back to Colorado, Trai has followed the siren’s call, diving deep into the exploration and development of everything from documentaries to short films to plays and web series and TV shows and features large and small and books (and more books) (and more books).

Whether as a studio level development executive or as a professor at Colorado’s top writing programs, her greatest pleasure (after writing, of course) is in the development of writers. Trai has spent her entire professional life dedicated to elevating the craft and creating opportunities for filmmakers and writers of all mediums and genres. She thinks creators are the single most important force in forging understanding and an illuminated pathway through this world.

She is currently part of the creative teams for:

Secret Ellington (Main Man Films) – writer, producer
Hidden Tigers (Red Unicorn Film) – producer
Scared List (Heart Cure Productions) – producer

You can work with Trai here:

Western State University’s MFA program
University of Denver’s Professional Creative Writing Institute
UC Denver Screenwriting department
Woman in Film and Media Colorado (President)

and via her editorial and private teaching company…

Trai Cartwright’s one-stop service shop for writers:

Story Development
Editorial Services
Copy Editing
Marketing and Business Plans
Career Consultation

“Trai is easily one of the best analysts I’ve worked with. Her notes are consistently thorough, insightful and, most of all, ‘helpful’. She knows her stuff and communicates it well. Her notes have helped me improve every script I’ve had her read.”