The Work


Screenwriter, 2018
Main Man Films

Hidden Tigers
Docu-Series, 2018
Red Unicorn Films

The Scared List

Web Series, 2018
Heart Cure Productions

Stadium Anthems
Associate Producer, 2016


Uncredited Producer, 2000

Uncredited Producer, 2006

Associate Producer, 2006


Secret Ellington
Art Thomas, producer
Top 10% of Nicholl Fellowship

Curious Ways
Whisper Down the Lane

Semifinalist of Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship, Scriptapalooza, and the ScriptShark Competition.
“Quarterfinalist of the Screenwriters Expo
Represented by Preferred Artists

Burning Sky
Peter Saphier, producer
Represented by CAA
Semi-Finalist of Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship

Agatha Dominik, producer
Represented by CAA

Little Man Travels
Prelude Pitctures
Represented by CAA

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Lucky Diaz, in progress
Demon Ex-Wives Club
in progress 


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“Best in Show: Advice From Judges on Winning Screenwriting Contests;”
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“A Judge’s Perspective,” Screenwriter’s & Playwright’s Market.
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Future Workplace, 2009-2010, Fort Collins, CO.
Researcher, Corporate Education Writer for Executive-Level Professional
Development Consultants.
“Developing the Defense Intelligence Agency Workplace of the Future.” Ghostwrote white pages,
Edited by Rick Von Feldt, 2010.

“Accelerating Time-to-Value Performance:
Bridging the Gap Between Expertise and T2V,” presentation paper,
Future Workplace’s Professional Development Conference for
Fortune 500 company Chief Learning Officers, 2009.

“Leadership in the 2020 Workplace,” Ghostwrote articles for
Leadership Excellence magazine and, 2009.